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Dirty Minds

Science has demonstrated an energy field that connects us all.

And, that at its core, all energy is consciousness.

Our vision is set for uniting humanity on a mission to vibe225hz…

The vibe where personal power resides.

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STOP Complaining About Current Conditions!

Embrace Your Power to Invoke Change ...

Our personal power to invoke global change resides in collectively increasing our vibes to resonate above 200 Hz – the frequency where personal power appears in the emotional electromagnetic spectrum.

Dirty Minds Movement

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Dirty Minds Movement quests towards unifying the Collective
Conscious to mindfully increase our frequency and vibe225hz.

Noticing our energy levels are based on our emotions, and that we can change them at will, is where we begin to raise the vibration of
Collective Conscious

Doing so creates cosmic keys for placing the power back into the hands of the people.

Where do you fit in
on this vibratory level?

In the bigger scheme of things, we are being controlled into believing it’s not
possible to deviate from the narratives we’re being dealt.

Worse, we’ve become convinced certain types of things are not possible for us
to achieve. That it’s all just too much to think we could maybe turn out to be
all we aspire to be.

Don’t just plod along another day. “Allow yourself” to become informed of
your indwelling potential. Then share it with two friends.

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Here, in the following video, 

Joe Martino, founder of CE 

(Collective Evolution, @joemartino29), 

explains why humanity blindly follows the rules and 

demonstrates the sheer power of our Collective Consciousness.

Joe Martino's C.E.
Play Video about Joe Martino's C.E.

“Consciousness Explained:
How Collective Consciousness Changes and Affects our World (1)”

Resonance Theory of Consciousness

Using the resonance theory of consciousness (2), the Collective Consciousness
plays a huge role in how we define our world functions, based on our collective

Beginning to notice your energy levels are based on your emotions, and that
we can change them at will, is where we may begin to raise the vibration of our combined 
Collective Consciousness.

What level are you resonating at in this moment?

According to the “Power vs. Force” emotional electromagnetic frequency chart
Our Life View perspective dictates our level of emotion which can be measured
as vibrational energy, wavelengths, and frequencies, creating our state of

power vs force

But here’s the great news…We don’t need to comprehend the
energetic-holographic concept of reality (3) in its entirety, or even a little bit –
but, there’s the link just in case you are ready to flow from Survivor Mode into
Explorer Mode and on to life as a Creator.

We don’t need approval from an entire scientific community or an okay from a
panel of politicians before embracing what we already know to be true… We
are all pitching out and catching vibes 24/7.

“If we want to know the secrets of the universe, we should focus on the non
physical aspects rather than physical ones, that will speed up the inventions.
So that’s it – the trio energy, frequency, and vibrations are all nonphysical
aspects. We can’t see them with eyes.”

~ Nikola Tesla ~


Your emotions are the gateway to intuitive living. But, as Nikola Tesla, points
out above, just because we can’t see energy, frequency, and vibrations, this is
where we need to focus our attention in order to understand the Secrets of the


Tune into a new wavelength – Set a new vibe.
Attitude is a matter of choice – Choose wisely.
To change the world – We must change ourselves.
VIBE@225Hz Dirty Minds Movement is underway and
encourages minds of all kinds to consider:

We are energy and we possess the power to invoke change.

Our vision is uniting humanity on a mission to VIBE@225Hz,
the vibration where personal power appears on the electromagnetic frequency

VIBE@225Hz guides society through creational power, invoking global
change via Collective Consciousness unified by shared beliefs inspired to
influence rapid change, cultivating widespread peace of mind.

2Ways 2Get Started 2Day

Complete the Unite w/ vibe225hz form below and receive
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Don’t just set the stage… take it with me as we invoke the power of our
Collective Conscious to begin opening Dirty Minds wearing vibe225hz
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