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Blend the passion of a modern-day philosopher with the soul of an eternal mystic and what will you’ll get? Dr. Kim Crawford, a wisdom keeper whose gift is deeply understanding others with a drive for finding the truth, no matter how difficult. 

The vibration of the world is shifting now due to changes in natural cosmic rhythms. Dr. Crawford’s innate connection to nature combined with her experiential understanding of Cosmic Laws sets her essence to vibe as one with the rhythm of the world. 

The frequencies of the entire planet are shifting us into a higher rate of vibration, ushering in The Age of Aquarius. With Dirty Minds of all kinds confiding in Dr. Kim Crawford her core led her to create a number of ways to aid the planet in leaning towards a higher vibration.

Connecting to a higher vibrational perspective, Dr. Crawford’s penetrating mind pierces deep into the truth of things. With an innate sixth sense, her ability to deeply understand others’ motivations, can be uncanny.

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You won’t believe the things I see…

Why, I’ve done and seen

some remarkable things.

You see, people love to confess to me

what’s hiding inside their Dirty Minds.

Dr. Kim Crawford

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