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because everyone's got Dirty Minds...


From marketers and advertisers to friends and family, make no mistake, we are constantly subject to manipulation. Ego-driven personalities are first to light up, “Oh, well, not me! I don’t do anything I don’t want to do. And, no one can tell me what to do.” 

And, to an extent, this is true since, Hypnotherapy can plant new thought seeds to cultivate in your subconscious and present you with new choices, but the choice of how you respond remains yours. Stay the way you were or get with the refreshed mindset.

“I can change your mind, but I can’t change your mind.”

Our subconscious minds suffer a constant barrage of brainwashing tactics aimed at bombarding our unsuspecting psyche’s. For instance, advertisers know to use repetition to drive their point home given it takes 8 – 10 times of seeing something before it registers in our subconscious.

Your mind thinks, “Ha! Did you see that mistake? Someone’s going to be mad when they find out their commercial played 2 times in a row.” Wrong! And then it plays 2 more times during the next break, and the next – until you find yourself reaching for products to buy without even knowing why.  

Leading people to make their true choice can mean arm twisting, persuasion, even manipulation tactics before they relent. And, why is this? Maybe they don’t want to risk making others mad at them. “Who’s idea was this?” 

It could be they lack the self-confidence needed to stay true to themselves. Using escape lines like, “Whatever you think is fair.” Only later bending anyone’s ear that will listen, “I got screwed again… You wouldn’t believe what they thought was fair!”

People may seem like they want their choices made for them, but not many enjoy being controlled. It can be harder still for people to overcome the thoughts programmed from so many sources, events, traumas, reactions, etc., all running on their minds all the time.

Don’t think so? What if you think to a time you tried to get over someone. It wasn’t easy, was it? With your thoughts controlling your emotions, appetite, ability to sleep, or focus. “No, I can’t go, I’m still a wreck. They’ve got my head all messed up.”

“Attitude IS a matter of choice. Choose wisely.”

Put yourself back in control over your own mind. Planting new seeds to produce new thoughts more in keeping with who you want to be – takes the chore out of change.

MainStream Brainwash 


Dr. Kim Crawford’s Custom Brainwash

Dr Kim Crawfords Dirty Minds Main Stream BrainWash

Mainstream BrainWash

Highly effective, scientifically proven, life-altering techniques, intelligently designed to realign thoughts, actions, or beliefs against the desires, will, or knowledge of the individual to develop unquestioning obedience and loyalty to the ruling party.

Custom BrainWash

Highly effective, scientifically proven, life-altering techniques, intelligently designed to realign thoughts, actions, or beliefs in keeping with the desires, will, or knowledge of the individual targeted to develop a better overall sense of well-being. 

Dr Kim Crawfords Dirty Minds Custom BrainWash
Dr Kim Crawfords Dirty Minds CBW

What’s On Your Dirty Mind?

The reality we live is a process of our thinking. Change is not possible without first changing our thoughts.  A Custom BrainWash plants new seeds in the subconscious mind to cultivate new thoughts and present your mind with new choices to take action on = Improved Reality.

Our minds are constantly under the influence. Intrusions by electronic devices aside, mind pollution is on the rise with advertisers & marketers all constantly vying for your attention. These conglomerates are Masters in the use of hypnosis to bombard their brands deep into our psyche.

Most consumers don’t notice the tactic of stocking the same products in 11 – 15 locations throughout the store until you finally relent. In 1976, an average grocery store contained some 7,600 products. Today’s local grocery heralds more than 44,000 products.

Next comes your boss, spouse, maybe children, family members – all with their demands and opinions – leaving no space for you to work through anything, or get your head on straight.

Dr. Kim Crawford's Dirty Minds Feather 2
Dr, Kim Crawford's Custom Brain Wash bkgd
It was hard to recognize the man I'd become after serving in Afghanistan.
The full life I was living before my second tour seemed faded, a distant memory.
Unable to find any source of relief from the rampaging PTSD in my head.

Dr. Kim Crawford appeared like divine timing and invited me to try a Custom BrainWash.
I didn't know exactly what she meant back then,
but I did believe most anything would be better than were in my mind.

I figured I'd tried everything else. What harm could relaxing and listening to a story do? Before my session, Dr. Crawford explained the process so simply, I got it. I was ready.

As my Custom BrainWash experience was ending, I felt a confident calm, relaxed and leaping to my feet and screaming,
It's gone! Where did it go?" It's been over 3 years now
Dr. Crawford's bkgnd 63
Alex M.
U.S. Veteran

Refreshing your mind at any age is worth the effort. At 82 years young, a recent Custom BrainWash client was initially hesitant to accept my offer of a Custom BrainWash. While I clearly understand you can’t make someone else change their mind, what I don’t understand is people’s reluctance to engage with the art of hypnotherapy – more about that later.

I’d overheard this woman telling her story to a friend about how, back in grade school, she had caught pneumonia and missed 3 months of class. In those days, classwork was not sent home. By the time she returned, the class had already been through multiplication and division.

The teacher called on her to come on up and perform the problem written on the board. Try as she might, the little girl was unable to work the solution. Up until now, this teacher showed every kindness to the young girl. Only now, she began ridiculing the child in front of the whole class!

Why was she drawing attention to her this way and humiliating her?

Had the teacher forgotten she was absent during these lessons?

In any event, the woman went on to relay that she felt the incident traumatized her greatly as a young girl, creating a sort of “number” dyslexia she’s been forced to deal with her entire life. BTW, everyone who knows this woman loves and respects her to the max. Only it doesn’t stop there. The number-dyslexia relentlessly hacked away at her self-confidence, leaving her feeling inwardly ashamed, carrying around this huge secret – thinking her mind wasn’t quite right.

Feeling the familiar rush of adrenaline course through my veins, I knew it was on. “Oh my gosh! I bet I could help her – so simple, too. Wonder what magic words I could possibly use so she accepts right off the bat? I considered my approach only a short while longer before it came to me. I’m went in for the kill…

“As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, it’s possible to return you to the scene of the incident without re-living any of the drama. Once there, you will know the solution and write it on the board. In this way, it may be possible to remove the stigma you’ve secretly carried around with you all these years,” I explained.

“But, I don’t believe I can be hypnotized,” she expressed somewhat dejectedly.

“I’ll gladly accept that challenge,” I joyfully replied.

Her beautiful blue eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning. I really was so proud of her for embracing the potential good she stood to gain and then using that mindset to overcome any apprehensions she may have initially felt.

Returning to my home, I formulated her Custom BrainWash script, grabbed my keys and headed back for her session.

We settled out on the garden patio where there was a light ocean breeze keeping us cool as the early afternoon sun warmed our skin.

Once through the instructions, we began the induction for placing her into trance with deep, cleansing breaths and relaxation techniques before proceeding with the regression therapy. (Know that results with each client vary greatly.)

For this wonderful woman, it was possible to see she felt right as rain from the moment she wrote the correct answer on the board. Usually clients report back after 3 to 5 days to discuss any noticeable effects experienced from the session. For some clients, it may take a few days for the session material to kick-in and begin presenting new choices and thought processes.

Also, as extraordinary as Clinical Hypnotherapy appears to be towards producing substantial results in a very brief amount of time – it is also not the best answer for everyone, doesn’t work for everyone, and not everyone is mentally or physically able to engage in a session.

As luck would have it, we both happened into the same event 2 days after her Custom BrainWash Regression Session and sat at the same table.

During our lunch I noticed how she had been interrupted, but then picked the storyline right back up when she could and even added in more details. Which was something she was having difficulty with previously. 

I asked her if she realized what she had just done. After a moment she was so gleeful realizing her memory problems were nothing physical – a remnant stigma based on a minor event from her childhood.

Next, she picked up the check. I was pleased, but not surprised. Only what she did next blew both her own mind and mine as she began CALCULATING THE TIP IN HER HEAD, OUTLOUD!

She was both shocked and astounded, never having done anything like that before in her entire life. Turning to meet my eyes head-on, she gratefully remarked, “To think I have been carrying this weight around with me my whole life not knowing it was possible to remove it. I want to do something more for you. Tell me, what can I do?”” I love this part more than anything!

“You’ve already done something more for me. You said “Yes” when I offered you the Custom BrainWash Regression Session.” I went on to explain to her how the most difficult part of what I do is experience the “adrenaline rush” feeling about being able to help someone and then have them not be ready to make a change.

Imagine experiencing these life-altering types of results with some clients, while watching others continue to wallow in suffering – held back by their fears.

Urging people to overcome their self-imposed despair used to be much easier to do in simpler times, but it’s still easier than trying to convince someone to change before they are ready to. Probably every single human on the planet knows someone who would be better off if they would only change… (their girlfriend, their hair, their job, their attitude, their thoughts, etc.)

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